Commentaries on Maitreya

Commentaries on Santiago Bovisio’s Teachings

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1. Maitreya

The new Divine Incarnation of the fourth category was expected around 1972–77.
Carried away by enthusiasm, spiritual students wishing to know something about his life, mission and future work have written about Him by singing to his power, beautifying his work, and giving real splendor to every aspect of his existence.
But his future remains hidden in the mystery of time to come.
Probably the reality may be very different from their dreams; He may be a humble man, unnoticed and apparently insignificant among the multitude, because in fact he has to be heir of the One that said: “My delight is to live among the sons of men”.
Generally, first one should know how he will arrive in the Humanity, what mission he will develop among men, and what new sense he will impart to them.
Obviously, the Humanity left the obscurantism, men know how to read, have social aims and determine their lives to some extent. When they are alone, think and feel in their own personal way, but the humans still follow the collective mass instinct.
This is the torment of the present time: to glimpse but not to see, to want but to be unable, and to let the veils of ignorance stand the weight of misunderstanding, and this is a martyrdom that is more inner than outer.. In fact, the great external ruins are the result of this internal struggle.
A man of yesterday could live relatively quiet because he did not know anything and was led; but for the present man, being just a little aware of things, his greatest enemy and torment is this knowledge.
Maitreya comes to the Humanity to give his answer to this vital problem of the race. How difficult is his mission!
In order to be happy, should a man live identified with the collectivity, or otherwise secluded, as if nobody existed outside him?
Perchance is the mission of the great Being to knead his flesh with his spirit and to make a new bread and give satisfaction to man?
Perchance will he mix a portion of flesh, a portion of mind and a portion of spirit in order to give his harmonious answer to great current problems?
Perchance will he teach how necessary is an entire annihilation of one’s will and of one’s rebellion against everybody and everything, by following just our personal impulse and being happy?
Men of good will, faithful disciples, Initiates of Fire, keeping silent, kneeling, humbly, with clean heart and quiet mind, expect his Teaching, his answer, his admirable word. (From Book V: “Great Initiates of the Aryan Race” (Chapter 16).

2. Solar Initiates of Fourth Category

The Solar Initiates of the Fourth Category appear seven times on Earth throughout every sub-race and make the spiritual progress of the Humanity easier.
Peoples of all times display one of Them as prototype of their race, who by living conditioned by ideas of their people, tries to renew and strengthen them in such a way that he leaves an indelible track and a divine memory of his work, by starting a new age by himself.
The Solar Initiate of Fourth Category closely unites with men and takes part in their lives and, by making Himself flesh with their problems, He becomes an image of their problems. He is God and becomes a Savior of the Humanity by trying to answer those problems like a part of their flesh and human idiosyncrasy.
The union of the God-Man with men is so close that in many cases apparently his human form has prevailed over the divine one. Divinity and humanity are so closely united in Him that he feels in such a way the human pains that we can say that the Solar Initiate of Fourth Category carries upon his shoulders all pains of the Humanity because, being truly God and truly man, only a perfect man can feel and suffer these pains as a whole.
The work of these Initiates is to remember the Idea-Mother, and to vivify and renew it, by removing the pile of debris accumulated over It by time and by the imperfect work of men. Their mission is to create an individual will of the Humanity.
Many times the Solar Initiates of Fourth Category have descended to Earth. Their advent was ever seed of personal or universal karma, and their conception has been truly virginal. Their advent is prepared and prophesied by great Lunar Initiates and Fire Initiates. Moreover, a chosen host of the latter accompanies them during his lifetime as relatives, disciples, acquaintances and Masters.
The Solar Initiate of Fourth Category affirms his divine incarnation during his lifetime by means of clear words and outstanding works, miraculous acts and prophecies fulfilled before witnesses and publicly, in such a way that his memory will be imperishable among men.
So that his work may truly reveal its high purpose, His blood bears witness to the memory and purpose of his doctrine.
His body quickly disintegrates after death. And all human beings and the ones that stay on astral planes obtain a notable a beneficial influence by means of his death. Within forty days also he disintegrates his subtle bodies, which go back to the bosom of the Divine.
His mission on Earth finishes along with his death; but these Solar Initiates spiritually continue to protect the Humanity during an entire family sub-race, which therefore creates a religion upon their doctrines.
During the present sub-race we can remember several Great Initiates, for instance: Krishna, Hermes, Buddha and Christ. (From Book V: “Great Initiates of the Aryan Race”, Chapter 6).

3. The Strong Liberator

Cafh expects the coming descent of the Divine Incarnation on Earth.
The Strong Liberator, the Maitreya, the Glorious Christ, is image of the expected Divine Being.
Many say that the Divine Incarnation in fact does not incarnate in a man, but just animates a soul, or gives impulse to a chosen being. Nature of the God-Man is only divine; his humanity is no more than a reflection, an illusion. Others say that the Divine Incarnation is a symbol, an image of descent of the spirit to the matter and its ascent to its pristine state; a divine analogy which indicates the birth of a new spiritual power in the soul, and is the transcendent manifestation of God in a being, since the soul can be saved alone.
Others say that the Divine Incarnation really and essentially incarnates in Man-God, and that his nature is human and divine.
Certain Orientalists say that the Divine Incarnation, really human and really divine, incarnates in God-Man on Earth to redeem the Humanity, and that that this divine act, being integral and satisfactory, cannot recur: it is unique.
In this connection, Cafh posits its own opinion, here expounded, but that ultimately should be individually clarified by the Son as he increases his own inner purity and mental clarity.
The human being has to achieve his inner liberation by his own efforts. But this human will loses any concrete values when one disconnects it from the common and unique purpose. Inherently, the perfect destiny of a soul is to take part in the cosmic consciousness.
So the human being personally achieves his own liberation because he decides to come into contact with cosmic liberation powers.
The liberation of a human being is pre-established by a pure act of divine consciousness, and achieved by the human being in himself by a voluntary act of participation and efforts. So the participation of the Incarnation is indispensable for the general salvation of beings and also for the individual salvation.
So one achieves this salvation not only individually and partially; also the human kind can achieve it as a whole, and even all living predestined forces on Earth and at the same time every being by himself do.
This divine-human process for the sake of totally redeeming human beings can be observed throughout the development of the Aryan race.
In the beginning of the race, Revelation and Tradition expressed only a contact of man with God through reverence and obeisance. God reigns supreme continuously over the world and man, and at a time man lift continuously his eyes to heaven in search of the protection of this God; but man knows him only by means of great manifestations of Nature. As cycles of life pass, this idea is more and more deep in man, but at the same time it erects an insurmountable hurdle between God and man.
Two things that are entirely different: one immanent God and one created man. Two parallels more and more afar from their starting point, which no philosophical system of speculative mind images is able to unite; it is an insurmountable separation.
The soul loses the unitive potential with God; so it remains inhibited for great flights and faces a great void.
Only God can fill this void. Only God can come close to man and attract man to Himself. This fact is not only human, but also racial and cosmic.
The Divine Incarnation is God Himself taking human form to fill this great void.
Moreover, so that this divine descent on Earth may be real, it cannot be an ideal event, a radiation, an image or a guiding power, but it has to be a real and effective event in flesh. Otherwise it would not be of use.
The idea of the divine descent on Earth makes itself feel simultaneously, at the same time, all over the Earth.
The Messianic Idea takes form and permeates all at the same instant.
Considered from the distance in time, this can be historically proved.
No archaic tradition, especially Vedic or Hindu, mentions the event of a God made man.
The Revelation just establishes relationships of man with the cosmic God.
The Messianic Idea manifested in the world before the advent of Christ goes back to some few centuries before his coming and appears simultaneously in every religion and every people.
The idea of a necessary Messiah-Redeemer takes form in the mind of the world. Osiris, God protecting the dead, in Egypt becomes the Redeemer killed and dismembered, and revived again for the sake of men.
In India, the Divine Redeemer Krishna incarnates on Earth, is like men, and takes part in their lives and evils in order to save them. Historically, no Hindu text mentions Krishna before the Messianic age.
Even names are similar as to their root, and Christ is the God-Man living and dying to redeem the Humanity. The Divine Incarnation of the Fourth-Category Solar Initiate is both a divine and human event, ideal and material, cosmic and individual.
So, if the redeeming act is a real event and full divine act, cannot recur: is unique. The Divine Incarnation incarnates periodically on Earth, but the crucial redemption act can be consummated only once.
The Divine Incarnation incarnates among men and comes into contact with them
In another stage He comes back and illuminates their minds; and returns again and His presence permeates all.
Men are ideally prepared for their redemption by the influence of Divine Incarnations who incarnated in them, but the effective incarnation in flesh is consummated just once.
By his human participation in the pains of the Humanity, Christ fully redeems the latter by His Passion. Even He redeems in flesh.
But the potential redemption of the Christ’s Divine Incarnation has to be updated in every being. Every man has to become another Christ so that he may achieve the Divine Redemption in Him.
What is done and has comprised the consciousness of the Humanity as a whole is to be repeated by every soul in himself with will and efforts.
The descent of the Divine Incarnation on Earth during the next appearance has to achieve this purpose to the full.
The Strong Liberator has to break the gate that separates the soul from the Divine so that the latter may achieve divine transcendence.
And Cafh expects this Divine, real and initiatory advent. (From Book XII: “Spiritual Life of Cafh”, Chapter 13.)

4. Written References in the Teachings

Book I: “Spiritual Development” (1.14): No Solar Initiate exist on Earth in the present generation, but some of his direct disciples do exist.

Book I: “Spiritual Development” (1.15): One has appeared or will appear among men about 1972–77, -initial moment of the age of the Aquarian Sign, or Hidrochosa.

Book III: “Archaic Symbology” (3.1): The Earth is under the Zodiac sign of Pisces and the Humanity continuously experiences its influence; men still live an age of pair of opposites, tall and small, and of collectivities or absolute personalities, and if one glimpses the new race of Aquarius, since about 1972–77, this age still is not established on the Earth.

Book III: “Archaic Symbology” (3–2): Since the beginning of the sign of Pisces, on the 28th of February Moon is the one that discharges more magnetism on the planet for its Zodiacal conjunction; therefore this day is very convenient to start any psychical task and metaphysical studies which require of certain magnetism to collaborate with the human will.

Book III: “Archaic Symbology” (3.5): But the new race of Aquarius has already appeared with their new sign and new personality and mentality; doubtless, the barge-man and earthen jar of Aquarius quickly progress.

Book XII: “Spiritual Life of Cafh” (1.18): The planet and men are permeated by the Divine Incarnation’s grace and protection of the Great Solar Initiate. The latter, which we name the Christ, directly took part in the redemption and potential progress of the present Humanity.

Book XII: “Spiritual Life of Cafh” (1.19): Since a new race is about to begin, the Divine Incarnation will come back to the Earth to renew and strengthen the work of Christ.

Book XII: “Spiritual Life of Cafh” (1–20): The Eastern disciples name Maitreya to this Great Solar Initiate. In the Gospels, Christ clearly anticipated his triumphal return to this world.

Book XII: “Spiritual Life of Cafh” (7.27): The Great Solar Initiates of Fourth Category, in the deepest darkness of the world, come and live among the Humanity to give it back the sense of their divine and supernatural origin, and to help it and go across the great bridge of reason, so that they may freely circulate from Earth to Heaven. But this aid is not enough. So that the human power may become divine, one needs a substantial union of the two elements, human and divine. So the very divinity must be born and live in him, and be grafted on him, and finally it will constitute the Idea-Mother of the Race: the achievement of the Man-God.

Book XII: “Spiritual Life of Cafh” (7.28): This is the hour -“1945”- for such a divine child-birth.

Book XVIII: “The Way to Renunciation” (13–16): The Sons are his disciples; they have left all in order to be co-redeemers with the Divine Incarnation, with the coming Maitreya.

Book XVIII: “The Way to Renunciation” (15.18): May they become from then on the true co-redeemers of the Humanity along with the Great Savior, and may dare to look at a time to come, so unknown to man, but that acquires immense clarity for the one that already has eyes to see this world.

Book XVIII: “The Way to Renunciation” (15.19). Truly, the Sons of Renunciation, called to his Earth just to fulfill their mission of mystical death, have been sent to prepare the ways for the Great Savior at a terrible and difficult hour for the Humanity. Since 1945, since the 16th June, all those men who remained standing are destined to see the beginning of the new race. That day, they prepared there, on the American desert, the first atomic bomb whose energy emerged before the sight of men like an overwhelming unknown monster, which paralyzes all senses. From that moment on we have entered a new age.

Book XVII: “The Way to Renunciation” (15.30): …and it is supported not only by this, but also by the Divine Love of Maitreya. However much is done, nothing will he useful if He does not come to the Earth.

Book XVIII: “The Way to Renunciation” (15.31): Sons, beg for Him to lend His Hand so that the inevitable destruction may not be so tremendous. Beg for many beings may be saved.

Book XIX: “Messages” (9.14): A great number of beings and Initiates are about to come to the Earth along with the Divine Redeemer.

Book XXXVI: “Lectures at Embalse” (11.8): Get up, Daughter, and come to marry the Divine Incarnation, the Great Maitreya.

Book XXXVI: “Lectures at Embalse” (28.3): I believe this will be taught by Maitreya, the new expression of the Divine Incarnation; the form, the way to convert ourselves into little Christs, into little holocausts, into little Hosts.

Book XXXVI: “Lectures at Embalse” (28.4): We are forerunners of Maitreya.

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